The Para-PM Technology was chosen in the SOLIDEO (Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques - French Olympic Delivery Authority) tender for the installation of the "Athletes' Square" in Paris Saint-Denis (France).

Installed 150 m from the traffic of the A86, 7 AEROPHILTRE shades will diffuse the equivalent of 43 Olympic size swimming pools of clean air per hour, i.e. a volume of more than 108 000 m3 per hour.

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To meet SOLIDEO’s specifications and clean up the vast area around Place des Athlètes, Para-PM technology was integrated into giant 4.6-metre-high, 6-metre-diameter AEROPHILTRE shading systems.

  • 5 of these shades include 6 Para-PM modules, for a total of 30 Para-PMs,
  • 2 others complete the system to complete the layout of the square and provide shade for the public.

The adaptation of Para-PM technology to AEROPHILTRE was carried out with the help of the TER agency, in charge of landscaping the entire space on behalf of SOLIDEO, and the engineers/architects from DVVD on behalf of AEROPHILE.

These are veritable giant fountains of pure air, since the air leaving the units is 95% free of particulate matters!