Depolluting urban furniture


Based on Para-PM technology

As a fountain of clean air for large public or private spaces, indoors or outdoors, the AEROPHILTRE captures 95% of all types of particulate matters, even the smallest.

Dimensions : 6 m x 4,6 m


  • Processes large volumes of air (6m3/s, equivalent of 9 Olympic size swimming pools of clean air per hour)
  • Consumes little energy (1 kW)
  • Sends the purified air to the people
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Also serves as a shelter and public lighting

The Para-PM technology

Chosen to purify the air of the athletes’ square

The AEROPHILTRE was chosen as part of the SOLIDEO (Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques) tender for the development of the athletes’ square in Paris Saint Denis (France) in 2024.